The unmet diagnostic needs in outpatient setting

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The unmet diagnostic needs in outpatient setting

The non-optimal time interval between the onset of symptoms, identification of the disease, and initiation of treatment is defined as delayed diagnosis. Innumerable factors are responsible for the delay in diagnosis. One of the major contributors is the availability and speed of diagnostics tests – especially in a primary care setting between the doctor and the patient in a clinic.

Diagnostics directly influence healthcare and treatment outcomes. Most of the therapeutic decisions are diagnostics based, resulting in better health outcomes and reduced economic burden on the healthcare system. But, timely access to diagnostics is a major challenge in rural and small towns of India. Not everyone gets an easy avenue to laboratory-based tests as they are time-consuming and expensive.

Availability of in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) can be an answer to the above challenges. The last decade has witnessed an innovation of IVD transforming the face of healthcare globally. IVDs are getting popular across the world due to the accurate and precise detection of ailments and health risks at an early stage. This ultimately is transformed into better disease management. This trend is so important that WHO has recently issued guidelines on recommended IVD tests that should be available in a primary care setting.

This has called for innovation and development of IVD that will fulfil the needs of the healthcare system in India. Many innovative companies have risen up to the challenge. Most of the solutions have targeted specific larger health issues such as anaemia, diabetes, cardiac risks and common infectious diseases such as malaria or dengue. They have been effective in meeting the needs of very specific health programs in the public domain and less so in personal usage by patients for their own care. However, when it comes to having a sustainable and scalable impact on the wider primary care context, the need of the hour is to be able to offer a wide range of these tests, in an easy to use platform that can also manage the data generated for optimal care decisions. It is this need that has inspired us to launch HealthCube and offer just such versatile, scalable, and portable diagnostic platform.

The innovation of the high-end Point-of-Care testing platform for the Indian market will soon change the face of health system here. The effort currently is to permeate the primary healthcare system here with the support of forward thinking doctors and healthcare stakeholder organizations. A healthy tomorrow will be well within the realms of possibility.


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