No matter how well you know the drill follow all the steps as per training provided

Avoid being lazy and always use gloves while conducting tests

Sitting positions are very important for accurate results, for accurate results ensure correct posture

Repeat the test in-case you disagree with the results

Ensure all consumables are kept in advised storage conditions for best results

Always keep the tablet connected to the internet for seamless experience

Always update the application with the latest version

Maintain utmost level of hygiene

Keep the bag and other accessories and consumables systematically arranged for faster execution

Keep out of the reach of children. Do not allow children to access HealthCube, its accessories or its consumables under any circumstances


Never expose the HealthCube to direct sunlight

Never keep the consumables in moist damp places

Do not share your login credentials with anyone

Do not share the diagnostic results with anyone except with the patient and or his guardians

Do not enter incomplete or incorrect data while registering the patients

Do not suggest your diagnosis and result interpretations to the patients

Do not prescribe any drug or procedures

Never attempt to open and attempt to repair HealthCube it can damage the unit permanently. Only trained technicians are equipped to do this

Do not expose the instrument, accessories and its consumables to dust, water, excessive heat etc

Never use any consumable, accessory other than provided by HealthCubed. It can permanently damage the instrument and or give unsolicited results.


Inserting the probes, stips etc in unauthorized slots can cause damage.

Humid, high or very low temperature and inappropriate storage conditions can affect result accuracy.

Charging HealthCube in wet surrounding might cause electric shock or short-circuiting or corrosion of electronic circuits, resulting in fire or fault.

Strong impact on the instrument or using it while its covered might cause a rupture, overheating, fire, leakage or a fault.

Consult with authorized medical staff and the instructions of the medical device manufacturer before using the HealthCube near an implanted pacemaker, implanted cardioverter-defibrillator.