What is HealthCube?

HealthCube is a health diagnostics portable instrument that can conduct several tests with the help of an android based application. Results are generated instantly and saved electronically. It helps in deciding the direction of further laboratory tests and medical examinations.

How much it costs?

Different models of HealthCube has different pricing. Please email us at

How can a person see how it works?

You can subscribe to our Youtube channel to see how to use HealthCube. If you would like to arrange a visit or a call you can either email us at or simply Book a demo.

How is HealthCube different from other POCT devices?

There are many features that differentiate it from other devices. The primary reasons are as follows:
Simplicity-Designed to be operated easily through an icon driven approach that leverages the tools of modern mobile telephony. Training and Standard operational procedures help in minimizing the possibility of human error.
Integrated -Multiple diagnostic tests can be conducted and tracked by the HealthCube. Information on Infectious, non-communicable diseases, and body vital measurements can be integrated to provide a holistic picture of the patient’s wellness.
Portable-The Hub has a low foot-print. The device along with its consumables and accessories fits in a small carry bag such as backpack. The battery based device helps in conducting tests in remote areas, door to door screenings and also home care segment.

Is it portable?

Yes, It weighs only 1.1 Kgs (Gen 1.0 2.2 Kgs) and works even without electricity and internet.

Are there any pre-requisites to use HealthCube like date connection etc.?

To use HealthCube effectively you will need following:
• Desired HealthCube model suitable for the tests you want to conduct
• All required peripherals for the desired test like blood pressure cuff to take blood pressure measurements.
• Charged HealthCube instrument (Gen 1.0) or external power bank Gen 2.0
• Required consumable as per the desired test like Blood Glucose strips for Blood Glucose (Sugar) test
• Android device with latest HealthCube application
• OTG cable for Non-Bluetooth models

What are the different models of HealthCube and how do they differ?

HealthCube SE 2.0 and HealthCube Pro 2.0 are second generation models of The Hub. They differ in different test set offered, design and features. For more detail please feel free to email us at