I am trying to connect the instrument to the tablet but it's not connectiong what to do?

For Non-Bluetooth model please do the following

• Please check if the cable you are using to connect to the tablet is OTG cable and not the tablet charging cable
• Please check if both ends of the cable are inserted properly in the tablet and HealthCube
• Try to relaunch the application and then try to reconnect with the cable

For Bluetooth models please do the following

• Please turn off and then turn on your android device Bluetooth and then try to reconnect with HealthCube
• If it does not work turn off and then turn on HealthCube and reestablish connection with your Android device
• In very rare cases you may have to unpair HealthCube with the android device and then connect it with HealthCube

What is an OTG cable and is it different from a usual micro USB android device charging cable?

OTG cable is USB On-The-Go cable and it is different from usual mobile device charging cable. OTG cable provided with HealthCube is specially designed to conduct tests with HealthCube.

I think my OTG cable is faulty. How can I get another one?

Please order a new OTG cable from HealthCube for best results. OTG cable provided with HealthCube is specially designed for the purpose and any other cable may not be suitable to conduct tests.

Can I repair HealthCube myself?

We strongly recommend not to try to attempt it in any case. Call or Email us as soon as you encounter any damage.

My android device hangs often and I am unable to use the HealthCube application?

Always use a reputed antivirus, your device can be infected
• Please check if your device has enough available memory
• Try reinstalling the application but ensure that you sync your application beforehand

What if my instrument needs any repair?

We always insist on using HealthCube with utmost care. However, repair and damages are sometimes unavoidable. We request you to email us at with complete details, pictures, videos and someone from customer care will contact you.

What if I spill water on the instrument?

Immediately stop using the instrument and disconnect all connections with it. Call or email at as soon as possible for proper resolution.

How to keep it safe and ensure accurate results?

Always keep it away from moisture, damp and high humid conditions. Keep it in clean, hygienic condition at room temperature.

My instrument does not give accurate results what to do?

Please check if you are following all the prescribed steps. If you still face problem do call or email us at