What is the HealthCubed Ecosystem?

The Uniqueness of the ecosystem balances the complexity of the operations of medical devices. Procedures are intelligently simplified, standard operating methods help in minimising the possibility of human errors and at the same time making the whole experience easy for anyone to join, take benefit and also contribute to the ecosystem. The HealthCubed ecosystem consists of following four integral parts.
• The Hub-A portable battery-operated instrument that can acquire multiple health parameters through the performance of diagnostic tests on an individual
• EZ Dx-A mobile device application to control the operations of the Hub, visualize the results and communicate the results to a secure web-based data repository
• HC Data Doc-Data visualization and analysis tool on a dedicated secure portal for remote monitoring and electronic records review
• HC Assure-Ground level implementation package including training, support and quality overview

What are the different areas of application of HealthCube?

HealthCube applications are numerous and being discovered by the day. Medical establishments, Corporate wellness, Corporate Social Responsibility, Health Camps, Data Analytics, Insurance, Human Resource Recruitment, Security forces, Social Entrepreneurship etc. are some of the areas we are actively exploring.

Will HealthCubed train the users to learn how to use the instrument?

Yes. The HC Assure team will train the user as per requirement.

Do I need any prior knowledge or skills to be able to use HealthCube?

If you know how to read, write and use a smartphone you will be able to use HealthCube comfortably

I want to be an entrepreneur with the help of HealthCube. Can you help me do that?

HealthCube takes great pride in supporting entrepreneurs. We will provide end to end solutions customized for entrepreneurs.

Can I print reports generated by HealthCube?

Yes, You may connect a printer to the android device and take prints as you may like.

How can I get the records of all the tests I have done with HealthCube?

HC Data Doc portal hosts all your tests data securely planed in your logged in section.

Can I prescribe medicines and procedures on the basis of the test generated by the instrument

No. HealthCube results help in faster decision making and all results are to be read further examined as per doctors discretion only.