Providing holistic solution for COVID-19 risk management

Holistic Risk Management SolutionCOVIDSafe

HealthCube’s COVID-19 Risk Management Solution is a holistic solution designed to indicate the risk of infection and assess the severity

  • A plan to minimize COVID-19 exposure at the workplace is a must to ensure the safety of employees returning to work.
  • HealthCube’s COVID-19 risk management can help organizations reboot during this pandemic.
  • With over 20,000 COVID-19 screenings at multiple locations, HealthCube is assisting in risk management in such unprecedented times.

COVIdSAFEscreening protocol

Step 1

Employees do a self assessment COVIDSAFE app before entering premises. Risk score generated after vitals and antibody tests

Step 2

Results of tests are shared and employees are allowed to enter the premises in case of low risk.

Step 3

In case of moderate to high risk, employees are advised a 14-day quarantine and provided medical care


Step 4

Telemedicine consultation available through EzDx app. Doctor can prescribe RT-PCR, ELISA or CLIA test for at risk individuals

Step 5

On return to work, the employees are again tested through an antibody test