30+ tests on single platform
Healthcube device


Height, Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure, 12 Lead ECG, Pulse Oximetry, Temperature

Infectious Diseases

Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunia, Typhoid, Syphillis, HIV, HepB, HepC, Leptospirosis

Urine Parameters

Protein, Sugar, Pregnancy

Cardiac & Inflammation Markers

Cardiac Markers – Troponin – 1, D-Dimer Inflammation Markers – CRP and Procalcitonin

Biochemistry & Haemoglobin

Glucose, Haemoglobin, Cholesterol, Uric Acid, WBC Differential Count, HbA1C* & Lipid Profile *

Expanding Portfolios of Tests

Healthcare has a road map to offer upto 75 parameter – Cancer markers, Stethoscope, Drugs of Abuse testing, 10 parameter Urine, expanded portfolio of infectious diseases