Enhancing teleconsultation with remote diagnostics


  • HealthCube 360 is a Telemedicine platform that has helped numerous rural villages globally to improve access to essential drugs, basic healthcare, and prevention services for children and families.
  • 10 CFW clinics, funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, are set across Kenya to provide quick diagnostics and teleconsultation services using HealthCube.
  • Teleconsultation is beneficial when telemedicine services can be provided for the betterment of public health particularly in remote villages.

Power of DiagnosticsProcess

Step 1

The patient enters tele-health enabled clinic.

Step 2

Nurse/Operator checks for symptoms.

Symptoms are communicated to the doctor and entered on the portal as well.

Step 3

Nurse/Operator performs the tests on HealthCube device.

A list of tests are suggested by the portal which can be modified by the doctor.

Step 4

Tests not available on the device are forwarded to a lab along with barcoded unique details for each patient.

Doctors are notified when the tests are done in the lab.

Step 5

Doctors give prescription (based on the listing of drugs available) and sign the reports.

Nurse/Operator is notified of the signed report.

Step 6

Reports are handed over to the patients.

Patiends can also use Android app to login and review their history.