Case Study: HealthCube’s Three-Day Anemia Screening Camp in Partnership with the Rotary Club

by | Mar 26, 2024

HealthCube, a pioneering health-tech company dedicated to enhancing health outcomes through accessible diagnostics, conducted a three-day anemia screening camp in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Karur TexCity. This initiative, held at Sri Sarada Niketan College of Science for Women in Kodangipatti, Tamil Nadu, marked another significant step towards HealthCube’s commitment to contributing to the eradication of anemia in India.

With a focus on reaching out to adolescent girls, over 600 individuals were screened for basic vitals and hemoglobin levels during the camp. This endeavor aligns with HealthCube’s participation in the ‘Anemia Mukt Bharat’ campaign, where the company actively engages in screening efforts to combat anemia. Past collaborations with organizations such as the Vodafone Idea Foundation and various state governments have further reinforced HealthCube’s dedication to this cause, particularly in screening school-going children.

Ms. Runam Mehta, CEO of HealthCube, emphasized the critical need for awareness about anemia and the importance of iron and folic acid supplements or an iron-rich diet, particularly in rural areas where awareness levels tend to be lower. She highlighted HealthCube’s role in providing point-of-care screening support, facilitating early detection and treatment of anemia through advanced technology and portable screening solutions.

Anemia, with its severe health implications including increased risk of maternal mortality and adverse effects on child development, poses a significant challenge to public health in India. Despite decades of active anemia control programs, the country continues to bear a heavy burden of anemia cases, affecting children, non-pregnant women, and pregnant women alike.

The prevalence of anemia among adolescent girls in India remains alarmingly high, underscoring the urgency of expanding screening coverage and enhancing the quality of diagnosis and interventions. HealthCube’s approach, which extends beyond conventional in-hospital screenings to encompass health camps and door-to-door screenings, is crucial in ensuring early detection and intervention. By providing point-of-care diagnostic camps, HealthCube aims to empower individuals in the fight against anemia and prevent the onset of other non-communicable diseases.

As India strives towards achieving anemia-free status, collaborative efforts between organizations like HealthCube and community partners such as the Rotary Club play a pivotal role in driving meaningful change. Through sustained initiatives and innovative approaches, we can work towards a healthier future for all, free from the burden of anemia and its adverse effects on individuals and communities.