Empowering Women’s Health: HealthCube CEO Runam Mehta Honored as Women’s Health Leader of the Year

by | Oct 16, 2023

In a momentous occasion at the Global Women’s Health Innovation Conference in Bangalore on October 13, 2023, Runam Mehta, CEO of HealthCube, was honored with the Women’s Health Leader Of the Year Award. This recognition serves as a testament to Runam’s exceptional dedication to women’s health and her pioneering spirit in healthcare.  Runam  considers this award a great recognition of the impactful work done at HealthCube in the realm of women’s health

HealthCube is a point-of-care, portable diagnostic system that can perform 33+ tests including vitals, biochemical parameters, cardiac & inflammatory and infectious diseases markers. The device is run using a power bank and generates results in 1 to 15 minutes. The tests use finger-prick blood samples with no sample handling requirements. The device is paired with an app on the phone or tablet allowing the data to be automatically saved. Further, the app offers step by step instructions in pictorial format, enabling operators with minimal formal education to become proficient users. 

The HealthCube is clinically validated and CE certified. It is a combination of smart diagnostics and artificial intelligence. Data can be analyzed based on customized parameters, enabling decisions about follow-up care. Web based dashboards also make it convenient to track trends in patient registration, health parameters and disease prevalence. In addition, the HealthCube is integrated with teleconsultation portals such as e-sanjeevani, allowing patients to receive care remotely. It is also India’s  first DCGI/CDSCO approved POC device.

HealthCube has made significant contributions to women’s well-being. In projects like the Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn Child plus Adolescent Health initiative, they equipped healthcare professionals with HealthCube devices, allowing them to provide door-to-door antenatal care and screen over 9,500 women for critical health parameters. Furthermore, HealthCube’s involvement in the Anemia Mukt Bharat initiative has helped screen over 200,000 school children for anemia, providing early intervention and support to both the children and social entrepreneurs. 

Under Runam’s visionary leadership, HealthCube continues to be at the forefront of healthcare innovation, with a commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and making a difference in women’s health.