Why AgeWell is one of the Best Personal Health Monitoring Devices for Senior Citizens?

by | Mar 2, 2021

Latest medical-grade systems have revolutionized the whole concept of health care. With the ever-increasing adoption rate of personal health monitors, it is easier than ever to take care of our health and work on its improvement. 

However, the variety of personal health monitoring devices available complicates the decision of choosing the right one. The task becomes more complicated when one has to choose an appropriate health monitoring device for the elderly, given the physiological and cognitive factors associated with their age.can someoe 

Before choosing any personal medical-grade health monitor for a senior citizen, it is important to consider the following factors. 

Integrated functioning: Ability to test multiple health parameters

It is quite inconvenient to handle different health monitoring devices and therefore, it is best to choose a system that allows the monitoring of various health parameters. AgeWell allows testing of several health parameters like respiratory rate, blood pressure, temperature, blood glucose, heart rate, etc. Besides, advanced tests like oxygen saturation, ECG, are also available. Offering these many features in a single device makes it a one-stop solution for home check-up requirements. 


As we read above that the personal medical-grade health monitoring device of AgeWell allows us to carry out multiple tests to reduce the need to own several devices, we can say that this feature provides a host of convenience and benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Greater value for money by reducing the need to own several devices for several individual tests.
  2. Ease of storage
  3. Portable 

Convenience also entails ease of usage. AgeWell is incredibly easy to operate. AgeWell is designed specifically for the elderly. What makes the product different from others is that there are no complicated set-ups or attachments and is completely hassle-free and easy to operate even for senior citizens.

Advanced features: App-based controls

In the world of advanced computing and powerful smartphones, elderly health monitoring devices need to keep up too. The genius of AgeWell lies in its advanced app-based controls which make it easier to use despite its modern features. The AgeWell app can be downloaded to your smartphones and works efficiently with both Android and IOS operating systems. The app connects your smartphone with the device via Bluetooth. There are pictorial instructions to assist the user on every step. 

Easy to operate: A simple 6-step process

The device can be used with a simple process broken down into the following steps:

Step 1: Install the AgeWell app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Complete self-registration.

Step 3: Connect the health monitor to your smartphone through Bluetooth.

Step 4: Choose the tests and follow simple instructions to perform.

Step 5: View results.

Step 6: Reports  are shared automatically with your loved ones and your doctor.

Meticulous record-keeping

With the app and device working in harmony, medical records from the tests are automatically saved on the local space of the phone’s internal storage or online. The data can be copied, printed or shared.

Sharing is caring

The flexibility of report sharing is the prime feature of AgeWell.  Reports can be shared with the doctor. AgeWell Connect allows doctors to regularly monitor the health of their patients from their clinics, by accessing vitals taken independently by the patient using AgeWell Health Monitor.  Designated family members can also access the reports via AgeWell CareMate App. 

Offering more than just teleconsultation

The senior citizens can not only carry out their tests themselves at the convenience of being at home, but they can also consult and share tests’ reports in real-time with their doctors. Moreover, the doctor can remotely prescribe medication and recommend further tests through the app as well.

The user can schedule a video consultation with their doctor using the app. This is especially beneficial for challenging times like today when we live in constant fear of contracting a contagious virus. 

Connecting the loved ones

For people who live away from their parents and grandparents might get worried about their health, especially if they are suffering from a chronic condition like hypertension or diabetes. There comes AgeWell to their rescue.

Designated family members receive customized alerts if the test results show abnormalities of any sort.

Accuracy of the results

The most important thing to consider while purchasing health monitoring devices should be the accuracy of the instrument. Inaccurate results futile the whole purpose of health-checks. After all, everything else is if readings aren’t close to the true value. With AgeWell, one can free himself/herself/themself from any worry regarding the health-checks as it meets the accuracy standards

Trusted user base

Some of the best proponents of this device are practicing doctors. Several doctors testify to the properties the device offers in its service and recommend it to their patients for regular health check-ups. Also, the testimonies of various users have proved their trust in the device.

Customization capabilities

When it comes to health, it is not wise to follow the ‘one size fits all’ philosophy. The device should be highly customized for easier usage. AgeWell can not only store and share your data but also allows multiple user-profiles, set pill-reminders, and provides fall detection notifications.

With all the details discussed above, it is safe to say that AgeWell fulfills the criteria of being one of the best personal health-monitoring devices and that makes it the right choice. 

*Disclaimer: The availability of the features is subject to change. Please contact the AgeWell team to know more.