How AgeWell is helping the senior citizens during the pandemic?

by | Jan 14, 2021

Corona: A challenge

As the pandemic continues to lash the world with its adversities, health has become an even more important factor, especially for senior citizens. Studies have proved recurrently that senior citizens are more prone to this deadly disease than any other age group. Hence, it is now a top priority to focus on the health of the elderly more than ever. 

Health above all

Due to the pandemic, it has become challenging for the elderly to go for regular health check-ups. But the advent of modern technology has resolved this issue. The elderly can now have devices like heart rate monitor or blood pressure machine at home to keep regular tabs on their health condition. These devices have made it simpler for senior citizens to take care of their health and heart from the comfort of their homes. 

How AgeWell is helping

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it has become riskier for senior citizens. Nonetheless, illnesses and diseases come unannounced. At that time, one needs to check the blood pressure or oxygen saturation level right away. At times as such, the only thing that you can rely on is the personal health monitoring devices. AgeWell health monitoring device is one of the best elderly care devices available in the market. The device has proved to be a boon, especially for the senior citizens and the problems they face with their health, recent situation, and modern technology. Besides this, the device can help senior citizens in many ways that are mentioned as following:

Health Scanner

Our body becomes vulnerable with age. Thus, there is a need to track the heart condition regularly, especially when the pandemic situation worsens our stress and anxiety. Monitoring blood pressure, oxygen saturation level, respiratory rate have become essential with each passing day. AgeWell provides the solution for that too. 

Helps to conduct multiple tests 

The device helps senior citizens conduct these tests regularly and instantly receive the results. 

Helps to conduct ECG test

The cardiovascular system of our body becomes prone to a significant number of diseases with age. Sometimes, these diseases are even neglected without regular monitoring. The AgeWell is not only a heart rate monitoring device but also an ECG device that enables one to conduct an ECG test right at home. Such ECG tests can provide a detailed analysis of the current situation of the heart.

Round the clock health monitoring 

This device is lightweight and compact. Thus, it can be easily carried around, making it easier for individuals to take the test anywhere and at any time. Moreover, the AgeWell Health App keeps sending notifications to the patient about the regular test reports and medicines and enables access to old health reports and prescriptions without facing any hassles. 


The pandemic has made it harder to regularly visit your doctor but with the tele-consultation, this problem has been solved. The AgeWell health monitor can connect you with your doctor via video. Moreover it has the inbuilt facility of sharing reports with doctors on a real-time basis. Doctors can instantly access your test reports online via the device’s notification system. Based on these reports, doctors can recommend further tests that are needed to be taken and even prescribe the necessary medicines and suggestions which you will receive from the comfort of your home. Moreover, if there are any severe problems, the doctors can look right through the test report and detect anomalies and start the required treatment right away. 

Timely reminders

Many people keep losing their lives because of the intake of wrong pills and errors in medication dosages every year. Age-old weakens the memory and the stress of the pandemic has just accelerated it. Thus, all the elderly people need in such a situation is somebody to keep reminding them of their pills and doses, especially if they are suffering from chronic heart illness and need to take their medication on time. The alert devices for the elderly such as the AgeWell health monitor have made it possible for the elderly to take their medicines on time. It constantly sends them alerts and notifies them about the correct time to take the pills along with the right dosage. 

Connects with Family

It is important to keep a regular check on  the health of aged family members. However, the sharing of reports physically may not always be possible. But now family members whether living far or near can access the test reports of their loved ones through the assistive devices for the elderly. The AgeWell Caremate App makes it possible for concerned family members to access and analyze the test results. If anything unusual is found in the test reports, they can immediately take action. This will enhance the security of the senior citizen. 

The medical alert systems for seniors have become essential in taking care of their health during the pandemic. 

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*Disclaimer: The availability of the features are subject to change. Please contact the AgeWell team to know more.