Why is it vital to buy personal health monitors for your parents?

by | Jan 5, 2021

Our parents are our responsibility, but that doesn’t make them a burden upon us. However, today’s work culture and lifestyle are so time-consuming that it doesn’t leave us much time to look after them. At the very same time, we cannot deny the care they need as they age older with time. In such a situation, the phrase “modern problems require modern solutions” fits well. All thanks to technological advancement, your problems have been addressed and worked out.

There are a variety of health monitors like blood pressure machine, ECG machine, oxygen pulse oximeter, oxygen finger monitor, etc which are now readily available in the market but are quite expensive for a person to spend his earnings upon, which leaves no choice for a person but to pay routine visits to the hospital.

We all want to provide comfort to our parents and hence, try our best to achieve so. Some people who can afford, try to compensate by spending an extra amount on foster care and personalized hospital visits but are still unhappy with their parents’ health results as it does not allow them to keep track of their health, leaving them worried about timely care and unworthy actions. Here comes AgeWell to the rescue. 

Why choose AgeWell?

AgeWell has introduced a personalized medical alert system in the market that is undoubtedly the best solution to the problem we have discussed above. It offers great convenience to you and your loved ones by providing the features listed below:

  1. All-in-one: The AgeWell health monitor conducts different tests, reducing the hassles of buying various health monitors for separate check-ups. 
  2. Portable: The device is compact, hassle-free, and easy to use. It’s easy to carry anywhere.
  3. Real-time sharing of reports: The device connects the user with their doctor and loved ones, and allows them to share the reports in real-time.
  4. Cost-effective: A single device offering multiple services. Hence, cutting down the cost of purchasing various health monitors. Not only this, multiple people can use the same device. 
  5. Convenient: The device provides customized care to the user. Due to the provision of teleconsultation services, it also brings forth the convenience of cut-down on routine clinic visits for regular check-ups.
  6. Offers timely and smart care: There are other features included in the device involving an in-built tracker and pill reminder with prompts. The device paired with the AgeWell app allows elderly patients to test and track their vital signs and share the same with their loved ones.

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Not just a necessity, but a life-saver

Buying a personal health monitor has become a necessity for senior citizens. It is inconvenient and risky for the elderly to step out for regular check-ups due to the current pandemic situation. Thus it is important to have a personal health monitor, to track the health of your loved ones, especially if they are living alone.  These changing times make us realize the significance of assistive devices for the elderly more than ever, and AgeWell is the only brand that has offered its services in the same direction. 

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*Disclaimer: The availability of the features are subject to change. Please contact the AgeWell team to know more.