Which is the best health monitoring device for the elderly living alone?

by | Dec 28, 2020

It is highly important for seniors to take care of their health and monitor it on a regular basis. However, elderly people living alone might face difficulty even in doing the bare minimum. Especially traveling long distances for health check-ups or treatments can be a huge task. Many companies understand the issue and have launched devices for seniors living alone. These devices can help them monitor their health, take diagnostic tests, seek virtual treatment from doctors and keep their concerned family members updated about their health condition, that too, from the comfort of their home. These devices can also be a good medium for people to supervise and take care of their elderly family members even when they are away. Thus, such a monitoring device can be an effective aid in ensuring all-round security and well-being of elderly people living alone.

The best health monitoring device for the elderly living alone

Due to the increasing popularity of assistive devices for seniors, there are several brands that have designed and launched such devices. However, the services offered by the devices vary from one to another. One of the best elderly health devices available in the market is the AgeWell health monitor that has been launched by the reputed global brand, HealthCubed Inc. The device is not only capable of performing multiple diagnostic tests but also syncs effortlessly with a mobile app to share reports and facilitate teleconsultations. With a compact monitoring device and comprehensible mobile app, AgeWell aims to provide a convenient medium for proper health regulation of elderly people living alone.

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What makes AgeWell the best elderly monitoring device?

Among the several devices for elderly living alone, AgeWell is undoubtedly one of the best devices. Some of the features that ensure it outshines the competition are listed below. 

Easy to use interface

The Agewell mobile app and device form an ecosystem that synchronizes effortlessly with each other to deliver a seamless user experience. Both the device and the mobile app are designed keeping the elderly in mind – despite the multitude of functionality available. The systems are very easy to use. 

Once connected through Bluetooth, you are free to choose the tests you want to undertake and can check test reports within a few seconds. It is such a flawless monitor for elderly living alone that even the elderly get used to it in no time!

Multiple diagnostic tests

With AgeWell devices for seniors, multiple diagnostic tests recommended by the doctors can be taken. The tests that you can conduct include blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, ECG, and body temperature. All the tests can be taken by the user himself without anyone’s assistance. 

Unlike diagnostic centers, your loved ones do not have to wait in line for hours to know their health status.

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Accessibility of reports to doctors and family members

The device not only allows you to take tests but also to share reports with your doctor as well as close family members. Through the AgeWell Family App, designated family members can get access to the reports on their phones. And with the AgeWell Connect, your concerned doctor can view reports of the tests you took individually online. Thus, such real-time access to health reports allows doctors to recommend medicines and additional tests through digital prescriptions to their geriatric patients on a virtual platform.

Flexible subscription plans

AgeWell offers multiple subscription plans that are designed for flexibility. While buying the device at Rs. 35,000, you get AgeWell Lite Services for six months. Hence, you will not have to pay anything extra for the stated period. You have to opt for the subscription as you required after the initial six months. The plans cost between Rs. 800 to Rs. 1,500, giving you flexibility in terms of the pricing. The premium plan, for instance, comes with a load of additional options like access to multiple users, digital stethoscope, and fall detection.

Customized notifications & alerts

With an AgeWell monitor for elderly living alone, you will get personalized notifications. The elderly users can set pill reminders so that they take their necessary medicines on time. You will also receive alerts about regular check-ups and tests that you need to take for monitoring your health on a timely basis. The designated family member connected through the AgeWell family App will receive custom alerts too. You will receive custom alerts in all three subscription plans of AgeWell. The alerts sent to family members are real-time alerts and helps them to take timely action.

Fall detection

Fall detection devices are of great aid for elderly people who are prone to falls. These devices are designed to auto-detect falls. Thus, they allow one to call for help without having to press any button or make any call. The devices for seniors living alone must have these features. WIth the premium subscription plan of AgeWell, you can get the feature of fall detection.

Virtual rewards

If the elderly user takes good care of his/her health, the device provides virtual rewards. You can collect points for availing of the rewards by taking tests and medicines on a regular basis. AgeWell assistive devices for seniors also give free annual health check-ups as a reward. Such rewards can encourage seniors and motivate them to take care of their health.

Thus, the features of AgeWell makes it evident why these devices can be considered as the best devices for elderly living alone. As mentioned earlier, there are other similar devices in the market as well. However, the wide range of facilities and flexible features that you can avail from AgeWell might not be present in other devices.

*Disclaimer: The availability of the features are subject to change. Please contact the AgeWell team to know more.