How to choose the best elderly monitoring device?

by | Dec 27, 2020

Taking care of the elderly member of the house is a big responsibility. However, people are very busy with their fast-paced lives and may face difficulty in balancing their responsibilities. This has often led to minor or major accidents of elderly individuals at home or even untimely demise. To address this issue, various devices have been introduced in the market, enabling online tracking and monitoring of health by users and family members. These devices are known as elderly monitoring devices. Such devices can help reduce wander risk, attend to health emergencies, seek assistance from professionals, and take overall care of elderly members. These devices are rapidly gaining popularity among people who are taking the help of this technological innovation to take care of their beloved elders without compromising their schedules. It is essential to understand what this device is and how it functions before choosing the best monitoring device.

What is an elderly monitoring device?

Elderly monitoring devices are technologically advanced devices that help individuals track and test health-related issues efficiently. Elderly people can conduct self-diagnostic tests using Digital Health Monitors. Thus, it helps in developing self-reliance among elderly individuals. The reports of tests conducted through a monitoring device can be shared with other family members and doctors. This helps doctors to prescribe medicines and treat the patients virtually yet effectively. Such devices can even track minor movements of elders, their sleeping patterns, any intruder alert or medical emergencies, etc. Such efficient real-time tracking helps family members to feel assured about the safety of their elderly relatives and to take necessary actions in times of emergency. Thus, such elderly monitoring devices allow careful supervision and control by family members of elderly users. 

How to choose the best elderly monitoring device?

Choosing the right adult monitoring device is essential to avail its beneficial services and make sure that the device gives accurate signals or information if and when needed. Below goes the ways aspects that you should check and consider while selecting an elderly monitoring device.

Compare the subscription costs

Elderly monitoring devices work mostly through subscriptions. So, you must check and compare the subscription costs of different devices before selecting one. Some offer a free trial period, which you can avail to check if the device works efficiently or not even before paying for its services. 

Companies may offer monthly or even half-yearly subscriptions at varying prices. The subscription cost may also vary depending on the type or range of services offered. For instance, AgeWell, one of the best adult monitors, is priced at Rs. 35,000 that includes the subscription cost for the first six months. After that, the basic services can be availed at Rs. 800 a month and the charges go up to Rs. 1,500.

Check out the services available

There are several elderly monitoring devices available in the market. However, the services provided by one may vary from the other. Some devices may provide sleep analysis, fall detection, body temperature analysis, oxygen finger monitor, etc. However, there are some more advanced devices that provide beyond tracking services. You can conduct diagnostic tests such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level, ECG, respiratory rate, etc., through such advanced monitors. A device that gives an all-round health check-up and tracks any abnormality efficiently will be highly helpful in monitoring the user’s health. With Agewell, you get the best bp monitor machine, oximeter, blood pressure monitor machine, and many more in a single device.

Make sure it is a mobile-friendly device

Mostly, such elderly monitoring devices are mobile apps through which all the reports are sent or viewed. You must check if the device is easily accessible and works efficiently on any mobile phone or network and how frequently reports can be tracked via that device. Make sure that the device gives real-time analysis reports as health conditions tend to fluctuate frequently, especially heart rate and blood pressure. So, check out which device is a reliable heart rate monitor device or bp monitor device providing accurate real-time reports. 

Check the accessibility of reports

Elderly monitoring devices are introduced to provide 24*7 health reports of elderly family members to their concerned ones. Thus, before picking up a mentoring device, you need to ensure that everyone who needs to have access to the health reports can avail it anytime and from anywhere. 

Accessible to doctors 

Your family doctors can get in touch with the patient through the app very easily, recommend further courses of action and also prescribe medication through it. Real-time reports can also be This is a blessing for the elderly suffering from chronic illnesses that require regular check-ups or appointments..

Accessible to family members

It is essential that the monitoring device gives access to responsible family members so that they get real-time updates about the health condition of their beloved elderly family members. Also, access to more than one family member will ensure better security of the patient. So, look for a monitoring device that gives access to multiple users so that even if one person is busy, the other one can receive the updates from the device and act immediately in case of any emergency.

See if it gives regular health-oriented notifications 

Besides being a bp monitor, oxygen finger monitor, or ECG monitor, such elderly monitoring devices must also notify you about the correct time of taking medicines or further diagnostic tests. This will help you regulate your health correctly, even if you forget. So, while choosing a monitoring device, see if it provides the feature of providing notifications about health-related measures to be taken. Some digital monitoring devices give pill recommendations as well as alerts about taking necessary health tests as recommended by doctors.

Check if it provides prescriptions

Based on the test reports provided by the Digital Health Monitors like heart rate monitor device, you can virtually consult the doctors. It is important for you to get access to a genuine digital prescription as, without an authentic prescription, pharmacy companies are not supposed to sell medicines to the customer. You will need this prescription while purchasing the recommended medicines online or even in offline stores. Thus, make sure that the device comes with the benefit of getting a doctor’s prescription on the mobile app or online portals.

Elderly monitoring devices are new-age devices designed to resolve the issues related to the ignorance of our elderly family members’ health conditions. Such a device can be called essential in today’s time for young ones to take good care of their elderly relatives even while they are busy building their own careers. Keeping the said features in mind, Agewell can be of great help, since you can use it for multiple purposes, be it as a heart rate monitor or the best bp monitor machine.