Evolution of personal health monitoring devices

by | Dec 2, 2020

The 21st century has seen explosive growth in science and technology. Science and the Internet have radically changed the world as we knew it. Human longevity is an idea positively impacted by these developments. Today, it is easier and quicker than ever to understand, manage, and respond to our health conditions. 

Our progress in these fields has allowed the use of more sophisticated equipment and highly evolved methods to prevent, identify, and treat diseases. As a result, there is an increased awareness in the masses about taking control of their health. When it comes to the elderly, this awareness takes center stage due to an obvious decline in health with age and lifestyle patterns. 

Personal health monitoring devices

Despite our achievements towards the identification and treatment of medical conditions, it is always better that we do not reach advanced stages in the first place. 

One of the best ways to do this is the timely detection of symptoms that may represent an underlying condition. A few years ago, you would have to set up recurring appointments and go to the doctors for this. However, the advent of personal medical alert systems has revolutionized the way people keep track of their health. No longer do we have to waste much time and resources to know the condition of our bodies. With these devices, we can be alerted about critical illnesses well within time for proper treatment. Also, they assist the elderly in managing ongoing chronic illnesses in a better manner.

Prevention is better than cure! 

With the help of personal health monitoring devices, keeping track of health conditions is a matter of minutes. However, choosing the right device is as critical as keeping track of your loved ones’ health. The right device should not only assist you in monitoring their vitals but also be devoid of complicated set-ups, so it is easy to use.

The right diagnostic device

Several factors like ease of usage, compatibility with other devices, and portability should be considered to decide on which diagnostic device is the right choice for your family’s elders. AgeWell’s health monitor is an all-around health device that checks all the above boxes. 

In this day and age where communicable diseases and pandemics are ever-increasing, these health monitors also serve as a home monitor for the elderly, allowing them the freedom of performing diagnostic tests at home, thus reducing their chances of contracting diseases. 

One such device is AgeWell. Here is how AgeWell is revolutionizing remote care:

Loaded with features

What sets AgeWell apart from other personal medical alert systems is its versatility. It is loaded with so many modern features that inarguably make it the best home monitor for the elderly. With AgeWell, you can say goodbye to anxiety about the health of the seniors in your family.

Simple, reliable, and easy

Gone are the days of bulky and complicated medical equipment for self-checks. The AgeWell device is very compact and hence, highly portable. Setting up the device is also a child’s play and its accuracy is undisputed – several doctors and other medical professionals count on AgeWell themselves! Moreover, the app interface is designed to keep the elderly in mind. It is fairly easy to use and understand, so you can live more life and worry less about the health of your family’s seniors. 

Multiple tests

AgeWell can perform multiple vital tests that reflect the state of the human body. It monitors heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, respiratory rate, ECG, and oxygen saturation. They are saved and can be easily tracked over time to compare them with previous results as well – giving you a fair idea about your health progress. 

Record Keeping 

It is one of the few assistive devices for seniors that facilitate a complete repository of information by acting as the one-stop-shop for all prescriptions and pill alerts. These alerts can be customized for yourself or your loved ones.

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A complete telemedicine service 

What’s more, their preferred doctors can also view the results through AgeWell connect. This fosters digital prescriptions and recommendations from your doctors, meaning lesser trips to the clinic and faster response time. This comes in handy in cases of chronic illnesses and in times like the COVID-19, making it an optimum telemedicine service.

Revolutionary interface 

One of the major aspects that make the AgeWell monitor phenomenally smarter than other assistive devices for seniors is its built-in ecosystem. It works in complete synchronization with the age well app that simply connects through the device with Bluetooth. 

A quick and simple one-time registration facilitates selecting tests and viewing results in real-time. These reports are automatically saved, can be transferred and printed upon will. The installation process is guided with illustrations to make it easy for the elderly.

Promotes peace of mind 

The icing on the cake is the ability to to view results and monitor the health of your loved ones even from a thousand miles away. The AgeWell family app automatically sends alerts to the designated family members in case there are atypical results in routine checks. 

Rewards for your hard work 

Our health is more or less in our hands. Our lifestyle habits, such as the food we eat, the amount and quality of sleep we get, and the exercise we engage in, decides how our body keeps up with age. Just like your hard work is rewarded by the body with elevated levels of fitness and health, the app rewards the test-takers with free annual check-ups and collectible points when they take care of themselves! 

Proven results

The user experience with AgeWell’s monitor and the app speaks for itself. Thousands of positive testimonials attest to the amazing diagnostic abilities of this complete system. The AgeWell device comes from the house of Healthcubed Inc, a globally recognized healthcare brand, known for its award-winning products. Each of the AgeWell devices come with a 1-year warranty to cover against manufacturing defects.

With a plethora of modern features, effortless operation, and smooth connectivity, AgeWell offers the ultimate device to fast-track the elderly on the path to greater health!

*Disclaimer: The availability of the features are subject to change. Please contact the AgeWell team to know more.